When it comes to styling our home, we become extra careful about it. We spend long hours finding the right options as per preferred themes and imaginations. We even visit interior designers to have our home designed. But trust us, everything adds to an unnecessary expense and nothing else.

Hassle-free way to revamp your home
Hassle-free way to revamp your home

However, nowadays, the internet has become a handy tool for everyone to access the best services without any hassle. And the same goes with styling your house too. Whether looking for bedroom decoration items or dining hall, it becomes essential to consider your family member’s preference as well. But all the research tends to take up a lot of time.

Virtual Styling

If you want to save time and money while giving a new look to your home, the virtual styling service can be your best bet. There are a lot of companies offering virtual styling assistance nowadays. These services make it easy to discuss styling options through virtual meetings to spruce up your space – just the way you desire!

Benefits of virtual styling

And if you are confused whether the virtual home design services are worth giving a shot or not, this post is for you!

#1 Easily accessible

All you need is a working internet connection and access to audio/video meeting platforms such as skype. And, you are all set to get ideas from your virtual styling team.

#2 Saves money & time

The most important advantage of virtual styling is that you tend to save a considerable amount of time and money. You can have a conversation with your stylist in no time, and it usually costs little to nothing.

#3 Easy access even from rural areas

Virtual styling is the perfect solution for people who live in rural areas. You can consult their virtual styling company online quickly and get the desired assistance from professionals.

ZEBA- Your one-stop-solution for Home Design Services

Affordable Luxury- this is what defines ZEBA. With its virtual style service, the venture makes it possible for you to revamp your space. Whether you have a bold taste or prefer minimalist things, ZEBA has it all for you!

Working Process

Now that you have got an idea regarding the various benefits of virtual styling assistance. Let us further discuss the common process of virtual service providers like ZEBA.

  • Meeting your designer

The moment you enrol for your virtual styling project, you are assigned a designer. You can send pictures of your abode or the particular area that you want to design.

  • Discussion and presenting design ideas

The designer understands your project and discusses your design preferences. The designer connects with you via email, video, or audio calls.

  • Setting-up the budget

Before moving forward, you are asked about the budget so that it’s easy to find the best ideas that meet your requirements on every level. Some home design service providers offer you custom styling packages to choose from.

  • Virtual presentations

Upon setting up a budget or picking your package, the designer sends a virtual presentation, and you can pick any design from those options. This service helps you to have a glimpse of the interior before finalizing your design.

  • Production and Installation

Once you finalize the look & budget, it’s time to turn your dream into reality. Once you make an advanced payment, all your styling products are crafted by ZEBA and sent to your doorstep.

For installation, ZEBA sends a team of professionals to dress your abode with perfection.

Why do you need a home designing service?

Some people might know exactly what they want, while others have foggy imaginations regarding the design and elements they want. Whereas the rest of the people have a great sense of design but lack arrangements or interior coordination. In such cases, a virtual styling professional will understand your requirements and offer the best options to suit your taste.

Whether adding a few accessories or just re-inventing your apartment, your assistant will require thorough information to complete the design. Even if you want any custom fit pieces, rest assured that your professional designer will get it done.


Feel like revamping your space in a hassle-free manner? If yes, give virtual styling services a try. Not only is it time-saving, but also, gives you an opportunity to work with the best of the best styling professionals at no extra cost!


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