Bath shower screens are available in the market in various ranges and types just like bathtubs. Most bath shower screens are distinguished on basis of their size, structure and shape. A shower screen is basically a panel made up of glass and is mostly used for creating a barrier between the bath showers with the rest of the bathroom. This screen is permanent and reliable fixture than an ordinary shower curtain. It is responsible for stopping excess water to go anywhere while a person is taking a shower.

Shower Screens And Their Types For Your Dream Home
Shower Screens And Their Types For Your Dream Home

Varieties Available for Shower Screen

There are so many options for you that you will possibly be confused. The web stores are the best place you can visit to get the best idea of what each type looks like. Below are some types of the screens:

  • Straight screen: This shower screen is just a single panel of glass and is usually fitted along the edges of a straight bath. This is the most basic and almost outdated type of screen used in the showers.
  • L-shaped: These screens are actually quite similar to the straight shower screens but it has a short and perpendicular panel that is located at its far end and can efficiently create an enclosure. This enclosure can be fitted with proper care over the edge in order to make it look like a bath that is L-shaped.
  • Curved: The curved panel with help of proper technique can be fitted over a bath that is either p-shaped or curved. Such kinds are used in bathrooms with a limited avalability of space.
  • Folding screen: Such a shower screen is divided by the hinges in the middle. This hinge allows the panel to fold both inwards and outwards.
  • Sliding screens: This is a type of long panel that extends across the whole length of the bath. The sliding bath shower screens can be even moved or slid back to almost half of their original length.
  • Folding shower screens: The folding shower screens of a bath can be efficiently fitted in baths that are either straight or L-shaped. These shower screens are most commonly used in bathrooms that are small in size as they help in saving some space while a person is either going in or out of it.
  • A proper finish: It is very important to choose a bathroom shower screen from the wide variety of ranges and finishes. If a person properly goes through the various options of shower screens that would be capable of selecting a style that would be matching the overall look and design of their bathroom.

Why is Choosing the proper shape and size of the bath shower screen important?

Just like it was said before, the shape of the bath shower screen must suit the shape of the bath. Some people even say that the choice of the screen is related to the method of using the bathroom. It is always advisable that people choose a bath screen that would suit the overall design and look of the bathroom. This is because the shape of the screen is highly dependant on the shape of the bath and the exact look that a person wants to achieve in this space.

If the layout of the bathroom is small, it is advisable to use a screen that is shorter. The bathroom shower screen is considered to be extremely important in most bathrooms nowadays because they help in keeping the place dry and clean and at the same time improving its overall theme. There can be more variants available which you be interested in. the shape is just one aspect of these screens. You can look up for the ,aterials as well.


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