If you love to smoke cigars, then it is okay to want to carry them around when traveling. However, the best place to store your cigars is in a travel humidor. A humidor is a box with controlled humidity for storing cigars and cigarettes.

Why do you need a Travel Humidor for your Cigar?
Why do you need a Travel Humidor for your Cigar?

Because cigars and cigarettes do not like too much humidity, a humidor is the best place to store them. Want to know other great reasons why you need to have a travel humidor for your cigarettes? Keep reading.

Balances the Moisture Level

When your cigar is too hard, it begins to crack, and when it’s soggy, mold will begin to grow on it. To maintain the moisture level of your cigar so that it’s not too hard or soggy, you need a humidor. With a humidor, you can prevent your cigars from becoming damaged and also control their temperature whenever you want. If you can’t travel without your cigars, then you should put them in a humidor to regulate the moisture level.


Your cigars can become damaged by water or pets while traveling. In addition, they can be infected by tobacco beetles. When this happens, you won’t be able to smoke them. Fortunately, by using a travel humidor, you can protect your cigars from damages of any kind. This is because the humidor will protect your cigars from water, pests, insects, and other factors that may damage them. If you like your cigars to be in perfect condition even when traveling, then a travel humidor is what you need.

Hold Several Cigars

Imagine having several of your favorite cigars in a box while traveling, sounds great, right? Interestingly, the travel humidor comes in different sizes and you can choose one depending on your need. The bigger your travel humidor, the more cigars you have to share with family and friends. You don’t have to worry about your cigars after closing the travel humidor because it is not only airtight but waterproof too.

Made from Spanish Cider

The best travel humidor is made from Spanish cider. This is because Spanish cider has a pleasant aroma that will rub off on your cigar, making it irresistible. In addition, it can hold a lot of moisture, and also repel tobacco beetles. When buying a humidor to hold your cigars during your travels, it is advised that you buy one made from Spanish cider.

Different Designs

Besides being available in different sizes, a travel humidor also has a wide range of designs for you to choose from. When buying a travel humidor, you can take time to study its design and specification to see if it can meet your needs. If you fall in love with different designs, you can buy them all.

How to Choose a Travel Humidor

Even though having a travel humidor has a lot of benefits, you must choose the right one. See checklist of what to consider before going for a travel humidor:


Travel humidors are made from different types of wood. However, the best travel humidors are made from Spanish cider. This is because it repels tobacco beetles and also prevents decay. Other types of travel humidors you can buy include those made from maple, oak, and mahogany.


Size is another factor you should consider when buying a travel humidor. If you like carrying several cigars when traveling, then a big travel humidor is what you need. With travel humidors, you should know that bigger is better.


Because the aim of a travel humidor is for carrying cigars, you need one that is very portable. This is because portable travel humidors are easier to carry around.


A travel humidor without a good seal or lid has surely defeated its purpose. When the seal of your travel humidor works perfectly, the humidity and flavor of your cigars will be preserved.


Do you know that a travel humidor that has compartments is the best? You can store your cigars in humidors based on their flavors. If you do this, the flavor of one cigar won’t contaminate the other.


Having a humidor, especially if you like to travel with your cigars, is the best because of the many benefits it provides. However, you need to ensure you buy the right travel humidor to suit your needs. Finally, don’t forget to get a nice cigar ashtray too.


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